About us

We work closely with staff to get the right help and support for neuro patients from across the north of Scotland

Friends of the Neuro Ward was founded in 2013 to improve the care and comfort of patients in Wards 204 & 205 at ARI and the rehab unit at Woodend.

We work closely with staff to buy the "extras" that can make a real difference to patients - ranging from specialist mattresses, shower hoists and recliner chairs to even iPads, music speakers and an ice machine.

The needs of the patients vary considerably, as the wards look after patients with all sorts of neurological conditions including:

  • Brain Injury
  • Brain and spinal tumours
  • Parkinson's
  • MS
  • MND
  • Auto immune neurological diseases, such as Guillain-Barre syndrome

About us


Over the last decade, we have:

  • Refurbished Ward 205's day room, created a respite and quiet room and installed new wet rooms for the close observation unit
  • Purchased equipment such as motorised shower trolleys, a facial palsy monitor unit, specialist patient transfer scales and mattresses, recliner chairs and head injury equipment for ICU
  • Purchased a large TV for the training room and a data projector for the meeting room to enable a clearer visual of brain and spinal scans, which has proved to be is a huge asset to the surgeons & their teams. We've also provided facilities to allow patients in the Highlands and Islands to have contact with their consultant without having to travel to Aberdeen.
  • Supported patients at Woodend Neuro Rehabilitation Unit by purchasing shower chairs, transport slings, specialist scales, stand aid slings and a hoist
  • Funded art therapy classes at both ARI and Woodend
  • Established a bank of spare phone chargers and clothing for patients who are rushed into hospital with no time to pack
  • Provided little extras, including lockdown activities, music speakers and an ice machine - a very special request from a patient.
  • We've also bought microwaves for the staff room to ensure our hard-working staff can make the most of the breaks.
  • Every year we provide Easter & Christmas goodies to spread some cheer on the wards.

NONE of these things would be possible without your continued support, so thank you!

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T. 07515 349890
E. info@fotnw.org


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